The Battle for Education – Education for Liberation conference

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January 16, 2013 by lambethteachers



Download full flyer pdf: Battle for Education pdf

Facebook event here:


  • Michael Rosen (author and campaigner)
  • Christine Blower (Gen Sec NUT)
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Ken Jones (professor ed Goldsmiths) plus many more

Workshops include:
• Ebacc to the future
• What is assessment for?
• What is the future for Primary Education?
• Teaching about war and conflict in the classroom
• Equalities education — Why the Tories hate it
• Poverty Class and education
• What kind of schools do we want?

£12 waged (includes lunch)
£6 unwaged (includes lunch)
Register at
To register go to:

  • Testing and PRP 

The government have announced the introduction of performance related pay for teachers. This would see the link between the culture of over-testing and hyper-accountability and every teachers’ hope of a pay rise. Every lesson observation and marking of a test would be overshadowed by the worry about being able to meet rising costs of housing and living expenses. 

  • Primary Curriculum 

The Primary curriculum is also being revised. We have already seen the introduction of the phonics test at the age of 5 or 6, where children are given words, including nonsense words and are marked down as failing or passing. This is a devastating approach to encouraging a love for reading and will demand that teachers and parents drill children in phonics rather than cultivate a love of books. The curriculum changes proposed are educationally flawed and focus on learning by rote. The new year 6 SPAG test (spell, punctuation and grammar) would see a return to a 1950s style system.

  • Ebacc

The new Ebacc is set to marginalise creative subjects like Music, Art, Design and technology, Drama, Dance and Sport. Children need access to a balanced curriculum. This coupled with the GCSE marking fiasco is posing a real threat to secondary education. 

  • Free Market Education 

The free market is being introduced into education in the form of free school, for-profit companies managing schools and the threat to local community schools that they will be taken over by big Academy chains, unless they produce ever inflated test scores.

  • Education for Liberation

As Michael Gove declares war on every aspect of education, the need for all those who reject his reactionary vision to come together to discuss and organise around an alternative has never been greater. Come along and join in the debate on how to stand up to Gove’s assault in the classroom and beyond.


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