Campaign against Gove’s history curriculum

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March 2, 2013 by lambethteachers

Dear friends,

dozens of history and primary teachers have now signed up to the campaign launched when the TES published this letter opposing Michael Gove’s proposed new history curriculum

This narrow and ideologically reactionary vision of the curriculum has even been criticised by Steven Mastin, a Tory candidate among the advisors to the ‘consultation’. It has however been defended by Tory historians such as Niall Ferguson and Andrew Roberts, and seems to have relaunched the History Wars unleashed by the first National Curriculum. The Historical Association, which represents thousands of history teachers, is taking a very critical line: And as I write its poll is overwhelmingly negative (with opposition to the proposals mostly 90%+

Supporters of our fledgeling campign (which is less than two weeks old) will be having a planning meeting this Tuesday 5th March to organise our next steps. It’s at the Lucas Arms, 245a Grays Inn Rd, Kings Cross at 6.15pm. Everyone who supports the broad aims of the letter is welcome to attend and get involved.

Andy Stone
History and Politics teacher, South London


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